About Stradigi Virtual Marketing

At Stradigi, we exist for one reason – to fill the void in the digital marketing service industry for small business owners.

SMBs are often the last to enjoy the benefits of service provides, which often follow business models that cannot scale and cannot justify small accounts. This leaves SMBs out in the cold, striving to fill their needs on their own. Business owners are forced to choose between paying a lot of money to hire an in-house professional or donning the virtual marketing hat and trying to do it all themselves.

The upshot to both paths is less time and money and more hurdles to overcome.

At Stradigi, we believe that small business owners should have access to the same digital marketing expertise as enterprise-level organizations. Jason Tapolci, CEO of Stradigi, has spent over 20 years designing and building successful companies that accommodate the small business community.

Our strategy aggressively targets small businesses to solve their digital marketing needs with a unique, affordable solution.
More Than "Just Another" Online Marketing Agency

Stradigi provides a critical solution to small business owners who lack the time, skill-set, and in-house team required to successfully market and grow their companies. We offer an end-to-end virtual marketing team comprised of experienced industry experts capable of delivering predictable, consistent sales growth by implementing and managing our unique strategic marketing framework approach.

Stradigi was founded by two industry experts with a passion for helping others, giving back, and entrepreneurship.

Jason Tapolci
CEO & Founder
Jason Tapolci is the founder of Stradigi Digital
Marketing, a member of the board of directors, and the acting
CEO. Jason brings a wealth of entrepreneurial experience
and successes to the Stradigi team.

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Stradigi Virtual Marketing CEO-Jason Tapolci
Jeff Lukas
Director of Sales & Customer Relations
Jeff Lukas has spent a career helping others navigate the obstacles and barriers to success and considers his relationship with Mr. Tapolci and Stradigi his next opportunity to help other people's businesses expand.
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Entrepreneurial Spirit & Achievements

The Stradigi Digital Marketing executive ownership team has spent their careers starting, building, and scaling market-disrupting companies. Both Iris Goldfeder and Jason Tapolci helm nonprofit organizations geared to help others in areas close to their hearts.

With Stradigi Digital Marketing, they have decided to assist small business owners in realizing their own American dream. The team has been recognized many times for their entrepreneurial achievements.
Inc 5000 America's Fastest Growing Private Companies

Named 18-Times

Best Places to Work in PA

Named 32-Times

Inc. 5000 Best Places to Work

Named 2-Times

Pittsburgh Business Times Top 100 Fastest Growing Companies

Named 18-Times

Pittsburgh Business Times Best Places to Work

Named 36-Tmes

Individual Industry Awards

50+ Industry Specific Awards