How To Stand Out From Your Competitors As A Roofing Business

December 5th, 2022

Wow, congratulations on owning your own business! No matter the category, running any business is hard. This is exactly why here at Stradigi, we believe that it’s essential for your business to stand out from your competitors. Once you’ve differentiated your business from your competitors, you will start to obtain and maintain a consistent revenue stream.

Since the roofing industry is growing much faster than the average growth for all occupations in the United States, it is especially important to stand out when you have more competitors than other businesses in different industries. Roofing companies come in at a growth rate of 12% from 2018-2028, while other industries sit at 5% growth rates. 

Since roofing is a competitive industry, firms can enter and exit the industry freely with little barriers. This creates more competition because there’s a lower standard than in other industries. If more people are allowed, more people will join. Resulting in more competitors for your business. Don’t let your competitors win this one. 

How To Stand Out?
I want to differentiate my business in this popular industry to gain more leads and steady my ebbs and flows. But, how do I start?

Well, that’s not a simple question. Typically, for any business in any industry, it takes many methods of marketing and lots of time for your business to start seeing the results that you wish to see.

However, all of the solutions seemingly come back to having the best online presence. 

Since there are consistently 20% of homeowners who are looking online for a reputable roofing company at any given time, you need a way to access this 20%. However, remember your competition. You will always be competing against your competitors fighting for these jobs. 

But how do we get one step ahead of our competitors?

Well, that answer is to get found online (insert link here). The top three roofers found online when a local search is performed get anywhere from 80-96% of these jobs. WOW! It is a way for your leads to come to you. 

How Do I Get On The Top Google Searches?

Since having a large online presence is crucial for your business, how do we get one?

STRADIGI. No, seriously, with the help of Stradigi, we can help.

Whether it's building a website or marketing your small business, we can assist you with your marketing needs.

We help all of our clients regulate their ebbs and flows making your business consistent. Not only that, we help all of our clients get on the first page of Google as well. Be recognized, not forgotten. 

Visit our website at or click here for more information on how marketing can get your leads for you.